SIDC Giveaways Package

  • Gift Bag
  • Promotional Pen imprinted logo
  • Wooden Engraved Coaster
  • Multi Task Desk Organizer, sticky notes, pen holder, paper notes
  • Desk calendar
  • Notebook


Suez Industrial Development Company - Sidc SIDC was allocated a total area of 21,874,800 square meters in 1998 at the first Industrial Zone, North West Gulf of Suez in accordance with the Prime Ministerial Decree 1185/1998. SIDC signed an Allocation Contract with Suez Governorate reflecting a land price of 5 L.E. per square meter (paid in full) plus 10% (successively) of any land sale revenue (only) paid to Suez Governorate according to the payment schedule of each client

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